Here’s my insider guide to having an awesome and totally chill photography experience on your special day!

What’s your primary style?

I enjoy shooting candid photographs during weddings, I love the natural feel and beauty of people when they forget that a camera is around. I also like taking the extra time to set up formal and posed shots—there’s something mesmerizing about a really epic photo.I love capturing detail shots throughout the day, especially the little things most people don’t notice. It’s the best when my clients say, “Wow! I didn’t even see that!”

Do you shoot in color or black and white?

I always shoot in color, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t receive some black and white images every once in a while. It really depends on the mood I want for that specific photo.

Do you use an assistant? If so, are there additional charges?

I always have a second shooter (and sometimes a third, depending on size). Having an assistant means you and your family won’t need to run around and try to capture everything yourselves. We’re all a team!

Can other people take photos while you are taking photos?

Hey, I know it’s super exciting and fun for guests to capture images for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. Here’s the big “BUT”: There’s a time and a place for it. During the ceremony? No. During the reception? Yes. Snapping photos around me, or jumping in for a quick shot while I’m trying to pose and capture bride and groom portraits? Please no. It will literally cost YOU, the Bride and Groom, time which is money, and I know you worked really hard to pay for your wedding & photographer. Enjoying some champagne while getting ready with friends? Yes, of course.

Ultimately the decision is yours, but I think it’s important to consider if you want a cell phone blocking the big kiss moment post-vows, or Aunt Carol taking a first dance photo of you while she stands in the middle of the dance floor. Spectacular photos are lost all the time due to the trigger-happy smartphone photographer (every family’s got ’em!).

Will you accept a list of specific photos to be taken?

Yes, I love suggestions! I can’t guarantee that I will be able to capture everything on the list, but that is why I like to set up planning sessions with each couple. This is a perfect time to go over details like shot lists.

What attire will you and your assistants wear?

Our default dress is always semi-formal all black attire (similar to support staff), unless otherwise specified by the couple. Makes much us less noticeable if we accidentally show up in the background of an image.

What time will you arrive and how long will you stay?

I like to arrive approximately 15-30 minutes before photographic coverage is supposed to begin. How long I stay depends on the package you choose.

If the event lasts longer than scheduled, will you stay? Is there an extra charge?

Absolutely I can stay! If there is a change in the schedule and the evening is extended, please let me know as soon as possible. If I’m there an extra 15 minutes or so, no big deal, but past the 15 minute grace period, billing will be on an hourly rate.

How long after the event will we receive our photos?

Wedding season is an incredibly busy time, so I like to say turnaround time is 6-8 weeks. I will post a “sneak peek” of your wedding within the following week from your wedding date. (This helps keep the family and friends at bay until all your photos are finished!)

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. A must-have.

Am I seeing your most recent work on this website?

My wedding portfolio is a compilation of weddings I’ve photographed over the last five years. Most of the photos on my website are from my more recent weddings.

Do you provide a written contract?

Yes. Again, a must-have!

Is a deposit required? If so, how much?

Yes. To officially reserve a date, I require a minimum 50% deposit at time of booking.

When is the remaining balance due?

The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding date.

Are there any additional charges not mentioned?

Yes, there are some additional charges to consider. If your wedding or reception takes place more then 60 miles from Bloomington, Indiana, there a travel charge.

If your photographic coverage is scheduled to go past 10:59 p.m. on the day of your wedding, you are responsible for providing a hotel room with an appropriate amount of beds for myself and my team (one or two assistants depending on wedding size).

What are the refunds/cancellation terms?

If for any reason you choose not to use me as your wedding photographer, 50% of the deposit will be refunded up to 90 days before the event date, with the exception of $250 if the engagement session is utilized. This value of the engagement session will be deducted from the client’s deposit before 50% is refunded. No refund within 90 days of the wedding.

Do you have any tips or advice?

DO I? That would be a yes. Read on courageous adventurer.

Pinterest is Not Real Life, Y’All

Pinterest has become the best and worst thing to happen to wedding photography. It’s wonderful for organizational purposes, and for seeing what’s out there and developing your aesthetic. But if you’ve compiled a 20-page booklet of Pinterest-sourced images that you want to replicate on your wedding day, be prepared to book an extra day of shooting. Your wedding is not a pre-designed Pinterest event, and you will not have time on your wedding day to complete 100 different posed portraits. Let your special day be special, naturally.


Don’t Get Walked On

Your wedding is unique to you and your partner—it’s going to be special no matter what. Don’t give into a pushy friend, sibling or relative who wants to strong arm you in to some crazy/tacky photo they did at their wedding 10 years ago. That being said, I am always opening to news ideas and creativity! Remember, this is your wedding—you call the shots! 

You Bought the Dress—Wear It!

Yes, your dress will be fine if you let it touch the ground. My team and I will do our best to keep your dress as clean as possible while photographing, but it’s good to remember that your dress is probably going to get a lil’ dirty. So carpe diem! Lets’ go get some awesome shots!

If Your Partner Hates Having His/Her Photo Taken …

This is the day for that special someone to tough it out. Don’t give into the “I don’t wanna do this anymore,” especially if there are important photos that you still want to capture. If one of you decides to throw in the towel too early it usually leads to, “Why aren't there more picture of us?!” afterwards. 

Glitter Doesn’t Make You Glow-y

I’m gonna let you in on a lil’ secret: Glitter looks like dandruff on camera. Just sayin’…

Help! I Don’t Know Your Family

Yes, I know. You gave us a list with people’s names on it and I should know that you want a picture with Aunt Carol from Florida, who is also your godmother.

Here’s the problem: I have no idea what Aunt Carol looks like and traditionally wedding  guest lists do not include mug shots. If this is a must-take image, than let's designate someone to hunt down Aunt Carol for me and I’ll be happy to make it happen.

It’s Impossible To Make 4 Hours of Photos Happen in 30 Minutes.

I am not a Time Lord. (I am, however, a huge nerd. unfortunately that doesn’t really help me timing wise.) Remember that there may be shots we have to sacrifice throughout the day, it’s just a fact of wedding day time warp, things happen. But I promise I will do my best to keep everyone on track so we can capture as much as possible!

Food Is Fuel

It’s beneficial to you, the client, if we are fed when you are, not after everyone else. If we have to stop eating to capture first dances or the cake cutting, more often than not we will return to our table to find that someone took our untouched plate. If we can slam some grub before dinner is fully served, we’ll be ready to go when the festivities begin in earnest, instead of scrounging for leftover scraps like hungry wolves or lost hobos.

Would You Reeeeeeally Want Every Photo We Took?

No, you cannot have every picture we took. We are professionals, but not every picture we take is a winner. Some are downright unflattering. Some have bad light. Sometimes the flash didn’t fire. This is why we edit. We go through all the images and customize your collection to show the best moments.

Forewarning Is Rewarding

If the church lady at your chosen venue is completely scary and beats people with her cane, we, your humble photographers, would like to know. If there is a familial conflict that is going to cause issues or if Grandma is blind and needs extra assistance, we need to know. Let’s avoid awkward situations.

Whoa Whoa Whoa, SLOW IT DOWN.

So many bridal parties book it down the aisle like there’s a cash prize for being the fastest. Later, the wedding couple wonders why I only managed one shot of each pairing during the processional. I've only seen cheetahs run faster…

DEAP BREATH, eyes up, smile and stroll down that aisle like its a runway at fashion week.

Enjoy That Kiss

Remember when I mentioned to slow down? This applies to the kiss at the altar too. If it's a 1-second plutonic peck on the lips, the chances of me catching are extremely unlikely. Extra cool points to those couples who kiss 2-3 times in a row, and make them count.

Engagement Sessions Are Also Hangout Sessions!

This is the best time to have a relaxed, “getting to know you” session with me, your photographer. It’s good to get a feel for how I direct, and we might be able to identify some issues before your big day.

And of course, we will be able to have fun and goof off while capturing some great shots of the two of you.

Epic Drunk Bridal Parties Slow EVERYTHING Down

Did you overdo it with the toasts in the limo? It happens. Designate your bossiest and most sober pal as the Bridal Party Picture Manager to keep everyone in check. Trust me on this one.


I know you’re nervous and I know you feel like you’re gonna puke. Take a deep breath and SMILE! 

We Cannot Read Minds

This would be so super cool and helpful, but alas—I am not clairvoyant. If you don’t have good, open communication with your wedding photographer, you can’t expect them to execute your vision. 

Remember, I want to rock it out for you. We all do. I pride myself on kicking ass and taking names at every wedding. But we need to work together to make that happen.

My Commitment To You

I promise to photograph you with passion, creativity and professionalism. I hope you enjoy every image as much as I enjoy taking them. There is nothing more satisfying to me than capturing the perfect moment. 

As your wedding photographer, I am honored to capture the best moments of your wedding day in a beautiful, creative and unique way. I believe in creating dynamic, expressive images while maintaining a relaxing and comfortable environment that allows the wedding couple to reveal their true personalities. 

I also value individuality, and I understand that each couple’s photographic style is different, which makes me passionate about getting to know you.